Saturday, November 3, 2012

Twinkle Toes Turns Twelve Part II

And so the girls did what all 12-year-old girls do at sleepovers. The painted nails. Painted, as in, every fingernail was a different color. I wisely opened the windows prior to the opening of the nail polish remover.
And then everyone curled up and watched "Courageous." This movie has such a positive message about dads taking responsibility before God for their families. Only one of the girls had seen it before.
And speaking of dads taking responsibility, three cheers for CC, who got up and flipped pancakes for a lot of young women! One of the American gals said, "You make HOMEMADE pancakes? These are so good." How else does one make pancakes? I think I have been overseas too long to answer that question.
The party ended at 10AM. We were bushed. Secretly, CC kept saying, "T minus 2 hours and counting." As the guests left, they each got a bottle of nail polish that read, "Thank you for coming to my party and for being my friend." Indeed, we are thankful for friends. And for our beautiful 12-year-old daughter.


Tara G. said...

Perfect! I love it that the girls saw their administrator in a different light, too!

Anonymous said...

We still have homemade pancakes . . . :)

I am not overseas but was raised that way and wanted my girls to know how to cook like that. An advantage to your doing it that way is the cooking skills your girls are learning. I imagine you are quite the cook.

Besides that. . . The food tastes so much better! :)


P. S. Do you use a smig of sugar in yours? That makes them good.

P. S. S. Yes, I do use shortcuts at times . . . It has only been the last five years or so that I used a cake mix in anything. Does that fall under 'teaching old dogs new tricks?' I play with the mixes but still make my cakes from scratch.

P. S. S. S. (Wonder if there is such a thing as all these PS's . . ha.) I got caught up in homemade pancakes and neglected to mention how beautiful I think Annika is becoming. She probably looks most like you of all the girls.)

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