Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Cooking Sisters/Brother

Sunday was cold and dreary. After church and our usual lunch with friends, we came home and just stayed put. Twinkle Toes offered to bake with her littlest sister. I thought it was a wonderful idea...time together for the two of them, plus baked goods for our dinner desserts this week. (Yes, that's a missing tooth you see.)

 They chose to make sugar cookies. They didn't take the easy road; I  think sugar cookies are hard to make!
And it was all fun and games, licking the batter and posing for pictures...until....
they invited Big Ben to join. He treated the entire process like play doh playing, was completely covered in flour at one point, and just kept eating the dough.
 But you know what? You only have a chubby little boy for a short time. One of these days, he'll be taller than me, have a deep voice, and most likely still be eating my cookie dough. That thought made the (enormous) clean up job just a little bit easier.


Anonymous said...

Sara, I do believe you are getting more and more sentimental as you get older . . . It happens, doesn't it? :)

I laughed at this post. I absolutely agree that sugar cookies are not easy (time consuming). Your girls are getting more and more beautiful each time I see pictures.

YES, I can promise you that little boy will break your heart when it is time for him to leave home or when he is too big to sit in your lap. Your eyes will fill with tears when out of nowhere he bends over to kiss your cheek and say, "Mom, I love you."


Tara G. said...

Love these kind of posts! He is an imp! :)

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