Monday, November 19, 2012

T-Shirt Quilt Making

Years ago my sister-in-law took t-shirts from CC and me (from high school and college days) and put them into a quilt for us. We sleep with it, oh, about 8 months of the year! I have always wanted to do this for my kids, as they have so many cute, memory-filled t-shirts...shirts that Aunt Boo had monogrammed for them, shirts from camp, shirts that say Singapore, tie-dyed shirts made with cousins. So, we started collecting. For whatever reason, I decided to start with Big Ben, the littlest Campbell. I think it perhaps eased my sadness when my little tubby outgrew his baby t-shirts to know I would once again see them in a quilt.

I started with a basic plan of how big. I cut all my strips so I could just keep going once I started.
 And this is what I put together. The strips are red bandana, demim, and a black gingham. There are so many sweet memories associated with this. Superman, Spiderman, and Batman all make an appearance. There's the Stuart plaid pj's, trains, hummers, monster trucks. It all says little boy growing up to me. Unfortunately, the one person who, at first, did not appreciate this, is Big Ben, the one for whom the quilt was made. He wanted his t-shirts back, when he saw them and remembered them. I told them they were too small; he said that I may have shrunk them. ! But then I was able to convince him that instead of tossing them out, he could snuggle up to all his favorites every night. He was happy. I still need to get a nice backing and the batting to finish it.
 At the very last minute, CC brought me an old pair of boxers that he wanted included. Evidently, they are the true original Campbell tartan. Of course they needed to be included. He'll carry the family name, after all.
 And here's one fella that hopes I'll keep pulling out the scraps.
 Day after day.


Anonymous said...

So glad you did this! . . It was something I really wanted to do for my kids and even saved the t-shirts but the years went by and I just could not keep everything. It almost makes me cry so I am GLAD you have done this! That makes my heart smile because I relate all the way!


Tara G. said...

My mom makes amazing quilts; she just did a t-shirt quilt for my youngest brother. Looks great, Sara!!!!

Jenna S said...

Sara, looks amazing. You did a great job, AND you managed to do it while teaching and being a mom. I'm impressed :).

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