Tuesday, November 6, 2012

Election Day Thoughts

This is what I thought of, in the middle of Sunday night, and posted on my Facebook account. May God be glorified regardless of the outcome of today, but here is what I wrote as to what influenced my voting decision:


Lesley said...

Nicely worded, and I'm in total agreement.

Btw, I check in on your blog now and then and find your life abroad so interesting! I live in Kentucky (bowling green) and I think you weren't too far this past summer when you were home visiting : ) Oh-and I teach 3rd grade as well!

Crossing my fingers about the election tonight!

Tara G. said...

Well, I guess if I were a FB person, I would LIKE your post. Totally agree.

Sara Campbell said...

I love getting comments! Thanks, gals. (And Mel from the other post.) Lesley, it is nice to meet a fellow 3rd grade teacher!

Kelli said...

So well said, Sara! I completely agree and while I do care about so many of the issues (especially living overseas where you gain a very different perspective, right?), I coudl easily be seen as a one issue voter! I truly do NOT understand how the issue of abortion is not an absolute for ALL believers. I cannot fathom it. Working in Labor and Delivery for so many years, I saw so many babies of all gestations and every one of them I saw was completely 100% baby, human, whatever you want to call it. Maybe I'll have the courage to write about this some day!

Anonymous said...

I absolutely believe abortion is a sin, based on B teaching. (Sin is an old fashioned word no one uses anymore.) I also believe it is a woman's right to choose what she does with her own body. G gave man the choice between right and wrong from the very beginning.

However, I think the right of choice comes before conception. We have the right to decide whether we will conceive or not. It is never our right, or anyone's "right," to destroy life.

Just as Adam and Eve could not avoid the consequences of their actions, there are some things we do that the consequences of those actions cannot be undone.

I am not criticizing anyone for making a mistake. G made provision for mankind after Adam's fall, and He still helps us today when we fall.

There lies the real answer to the problem of unwanted pregnancy or any other situation we find ourselves in. . . Not trying to fix things ourselves by doing yet another wrong thing, but by turning to Him for help.

Sorry about the sermon . . . Just chiming in on the abortion issue.


Renae said...
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Anonymous said...

Sara . . . You are always so sweet about comments. I guess that is why I feel free to be so vocal on your blog and Facebook. Thank you for being so gracious. I love commenting, as you can tell. :)

Love you all-

Rachel said...

Like. :) And I agree. LIFE.

Jen said...

Such interesting comments here. I found it sad that the "pro-life" candidate was found support of the death penalty and the "pro-choice" candidate was concerned for the potentially innocent killed under the death penalty. Such a shame that life is not respected from beginning to end.

What has also struck me is the nastiness surrounding this race. The parties have become so polarized and unconcerned with the interests of the people. It is making me think back to Foghorn Leghorn and the dog in the old cartoons who would chase each other all day but walk home together when the whistle blew.

Sara, I found your blog through Kelly's and love sharing your pictures of Turkey with my little one. Thank you for sharing these.

Thomas and Jamie said...

Amen and Amen Sara. Way to go on stating your beliefs so eloquently. (Something I'm usually not accused of...ha!) God bless you guys!

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