Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Happy Hearts at Halloween

I'm getting this blog out of order. Twinkle Toes did turn twelve prior to Halloween, but since tomorrow is the 31st, I'll post this first. There's no Halloween or trick-or-treating in Turkey. And for us, it's not a holiday we take too seriously. Christmas, Easter, those have meaning. But we also want the kids to have fun memories of growing up. Even in something as insignificant as trick-or-treating, they have been blessed over the years. There's no Target to buy a costume. There's no WalMart for good candy. But somehow, we always pull it together and have some fun. The biggest heroes are the teachers, who open their doors to little people and somehow provide really good candy, even when none of us have US base access! I thank God for them.

This year Sweet Cheeks' costume was oh-so-easy. She wanted to be a waitress.
 This picture absolutely makes me laugh every time I look at it. Firstborn wasn't going to go trick or treating until the 11th grade guys (who are staff kids) talked her into it. With about 1 hour's notice, she turned out a great nerd costume.
Amazing Miss Middler and her sidekick Twinkle Toes spent all Monday (a holiday from school for us) making these costumes. I did not do one thing except safety pin the shirt for her apple costume. CC wanted her to have an apple head like the Fruit of the Loom guys, so he made this one last night. Is there anything he can't do?
 Batman. This was decided many months ago.
 And the apple's sidekick, a Chiquita banana.
 My kids make me proud...they are creative and fun.
 And weird.
After they left for the teachers' houses, I threw together this little man to put by the door. (CC drew the face. Then he added the mustache. We decided he needed to be Turkish.) I should note here that play guns in Turkey look like the real thing. We don't really have an assault rifle.
Have fun and be safe this Halloween! Praying for those in the NE and for the election.


Tara G. said...

Oh my word, I have tears in my eyes, those are so funny!!! I am trying to convince relatives that we really do not need new toys this year...our kids love to create with what they have and the memories are so much more fun!!

Anonymous said...

I loved the costumes and enjoyed the pictures . . .

Tell ME that someday she will not feel too old for dressing up . . . My kids never have. Not sure what that says about them. Just tell her you are never too old to have fun. Real, live, old people (such as myself, uh hum) are always wanting to act like they are her age. :)

I already mentioned what my 25, 22, 18 and 17 year old are doing for Halloween . . . and it is most definitely dressing up in homemade costumes (Wal-Mart doesn't sell their size anymore.) and collecting candy from door to door in our neighborhood. People always love them and sometimes want to take pictures . . .

Just so ME will know. :)

While I could never pick a true favorite among your kids, the apple costume got me. I think it was the worm and the hat. Yeah, for Ross and E!!

Love to you all-
Melanie and Family

M Marie said...

So fun!! We are a bit further south from y'all (I think, ha!) and are having our first annual (hopefully!) "Pumpkin Party" tomorrow night!! We are going to "trick-or-treat" through the bedrooms. :) Such creative ideas!!

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