Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Fall Carnival

Friday night was our school's yearly family fun event, the Fall Carnival. For about $3 you can get 40 tickets to play games, with candy as prizes. My class hosted a bean bag toss.
 Here is a dad who volunteered for a face-painting shift.That impressed me.
 Firstborn ran around with friends all night, in and out of "jail." It seems her friends liked using tickets to lock her in jail and force her to sing a song. I am sure she did some locking up (I know she jailed her dad at one point...and so did I.) 
 I donned some rainbow-striped false lashes (I hope you can see them in this picture) and enjoyed seeing my students and their parents having fun together.
It was a great time! And after organizing this event and staying until it was cleaned up, I came home to a hot bath and a comfy bed!


Tara G. said...

So fun!! Our church hosts our festival next week and my kids are going to be blown away! By the way, look at your Twinkle Toes in that header photo! She grew up on whatever camping trip that was!! So pretty!! And I like the earrings! :)

Rachel said...

How fun! I love the jail idea. Our church is doing our fall carnival next week and I made my very first tutu for it. I'm dressing up as a cat but decided it needed a tutu to go with it since I've never worn one. Is it wrong that I'm more excited than the kids?

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