Friday, October 22, 2010

What We've Been Doing

Wow, I've missed blogging! We've been busy with life and hosting company, but it's nice to be back!

On Sunday, some dear friends from our Home Office arrived to spend about a week with us, encouraging the staff. We could not exist without our Home Office, and it is so good for us to remember that they have not forgotten us out here. We look forward to a visit each year. And it doesn't hurt that these folks are good ol' Arkansas, down-to-earth, love-our-kids type folks. We're having a great time!

Last weekend before their arrival, we spent Friday night and Saturday at volleyball games. We were proud of the Lions, and our Varsity Boys' Team took first place in the entire tournament. There's just no celebrating victory like when you remembering back in the old days when we were so small and just starting out and getting stomped by everyone. Most importantly, without fail, our guys and gals set an example in character on the court.
In addition to our busy week, some of us have taken a little time out to sleep as well.
We have just one more weekend with our visiting friends, so we plan to take them to Cappedocia! Have a great weekend.

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BeechemBrightSpots said...

Hi Sara! I wish you were going to be at OBU tomorrow for homecoming! I'd love to see you! It's great to have the blog to keep up with you though! I always love looking at your pictures. :)

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