Friday, October 29, 2010

Company Part III: Capturing Love in Our House

Our home office visitors happened to stay in our home this time. We enjoyed the time with them so much. They took many random pictures of our family, which was so nice...capturing life in and around our house. I treasure these photos.

Here's Miss Middler offering a final goodbye to Phaselis The Great before she left for school.
And here's Sweet Cheeks planting one on Big Ben.
Here are my four school girls, just as they look many mornings, heading out the door to school....fed, dressed, packed up, prayed for.
And yes, Sweet Cheeks really is wearing leopard tights with Pink Dora tennis shoes. Only some of us can be trend setters.
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Shannon said...

You know what, I love Eva's sense of fashion. And I love these pictures!! The new one at the top of the blog is a great one too.

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