Sunday, October 10, 2010


No photos today as my battery wasn't charged. My weekend, however, was! Friday I devoted to winterizing my house. Though I do believe it will warm back up, a cold front has taken us into the 30's at night. Friday morning, 3 of my 5 children crawled in our bed and said, "I'm cold." I knew it was time to put on the flannel sheets and thick comforters and pull down the footed jammies. I tidied up the house, which is ever-so-fun with Big Ben, who routinely rides my vacuum cleaner, never understanding that it is his very bottom which turns the power off if he rides too far back. Then I steadily worked through each room, making it cozier for each of my children. How can I describe this? It brought me so. much. joy. to do that. That my hands could bring warmth and comfort to my children in the nights to come.

Saturday a dear friend arrived. This gal has known about me long before I actually knew her. When CC was dating me, he made a trip to Turkey and Jordan. This young couple had a little one year old who CC taught to give "High 5's." She's 16 now! And she and her mom flew in to Ankara so she could take the PSAT at our school. Time flies! I'll forever be indebted to this couple, and their brother and sis-in-law in Jordan. Evidently when CC described me to them, they all said, "What in the world are you waiting for? Propose!" And he did. Thanks for your vote of confidence, guys!

Now she and I are good friends. It's really neat to have someone from your same home fellowship, at your same walk in life (or just a step ahead), who lives in the same country. We have so much to talk about. CC put the kids to bed for me last night, and she and I headed to the mall. We ate Chinese, we caught a movie, we shopped for jeans. And for groceries! Why is it so much more fun to shop in local grocery stores with a friend to whom you can turn and say, "Should I buy these dried black-eyed peas?" and she will answer, "But what good are they without a ham hock?" She totally gets it, good Southern girl!

And so, we had a good time and she'll be here a few more days. Then to end a great weekend, I got to watch my favorite tv show. Pretty much all we get in English is BBC. I watch "Strictly Come Dancing," which is like the US "Dancing with the Stars" only less provocative and with some serious British accents. I love it! Every week someone gets voted off. Oh, the suspense.

So, how was your weekend?

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Anonymous said...

Yes, what is there about providing warmth and comfort for our families that makes us so happy? I feel the same way.

Our weekend here was nice. Ballfield on Friday night to watch my oldest son practice batting. Believe it or not, I shagged the balls. To know me is to know I am not athletic, or anywhere close, but how much talent does shagging take?

Both my sons are in training, as I call it. Matt has dish duty for a week to reinforce a lesson of responsibility. I cooked and cooked and cooked all weekend. You can't believe the amount of food. Still have to double everything even though the girls are not here . . . Fried pork chops, fried eggs and biscuits for the Saturday morning man breakfast.

It is amusing being the only female in the house. I get fought over in a friendly father-son way and it is funny. When Dave was teasing with me about drinking all of his drink, one of my sons (very serious) showed up with a beverage glass for me and said, "Here you go, Mom." I immediately, picking back at Dave, told him he had just been upstaged!

Then there were several hours on the telephone (literally) to the girls hearing about opera rehearsal, law symposium, fellow law students, church, a guy who wants to date Kathleen but all he talks about is how much he doesn't like lawyers . . . Go figure how many points that dummy made. :)

There are the usual mom-counseling pep talks that are weekly. There are the Bible reinforcements of some sin that needs to be avoided . . . Actually, it is not always a sin per say, but a point that needs to be made. Lately, we are in Proverbs a lot discussing girls and in the NT discussing keeping one's mouth shut and loving your enemies.

Then, last but not least, there was hearing A to Z about Dave's job and all that he had to do on Friday.

I walked around my house, each one sound asleep on a couch and quietly put pillows under their heads and a throw over their shoulders after they had fallen asleep from exhaustion in the middle of the day. I thanked God, once again, for the joy they bring into my life and for a husband so dear.

That was my weekend. :)


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