Monday, October 4, 2010

Karagul Part II (Kids' Pictures)

Several years ago, CC asked me why I would take the kids to a photographer here. There, they usually add a strange background, photoshop all their freckles out, and require them to stand in some type of gangsta pose. He said, "You take better pictures anyway. Just take your own." So, I try each season to get some good individual shots of the kids.

Big Ben
Sweet Cheeks
Miss Middler
Twinkle Toes

I am one blessed mama!
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Tara G. said...

Girl, it's a disease we have I think! Pretty dresses, matching backgrounds, the formality...I think I single handedly bought enough photos of my firstborn that the guy was able to upgrade his studio last go around! :) But your husband is right- you take great photos!!

Rachel said...

They're cute! Both the pictures and the subjects. I've started doing that. We did some super cute black and white pictures last year that I blew up at WalMart and are now hanging on my wall.

Anonymous said...

Digital cameras are definitely the thing. So much easier than the old film cameras.


P. S. How about that? I actually talked about the subject of your post and not some random thought flying through my head!!! Have you fainted yet?!?!? :)

I resisted the temptation to say that I think Esther is looking more like Ross. She has his expressions in her eyes.

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