Wednesday, August 12, 2009

What are your favorite days of the year?

What are your favorite days of the year? Birthdays? Christmas? This year our final goodbye night in Memphis consisted of all of that rolled into one. Earlier in July, Perma-Baby had turned 4 (does that mean she is no longer Perma-Baby? When will I have to give her a new bloggy name? She hasn't started school...maybe I'll wait...). We kicked off our evening with a late birthday party for her. She had a yellow and white cake. That made "Yellow and White Birthday Cake" number 3 for her. She racked up this summer. But when you are 4 (or 40) the thrill of birthday cake never dies. Look at her face!
After a proper dinner and in improper amount of cake and ice cream, we went to the salon (that's "den" in Turkish...I am trying to get back into practice) for CHRISTMAS!!! That's right. The grandparents decided they wanted to see the kids open their gifts, so we had a Christmas gift exchange. My little girl was transformed into a real cheerleader.
And this was the expression on #3's face when she realized she was getting her very own, first American girl doll. I think she should try out for the musical Annie. "Tomorrow, tomorrow, I love ya, tomorrow..." Now that song will be stuck in your head all day, you're welcome.
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Melanie Keffer said...

This was great Sara! Where was everyone else with their presents??? :)

Little Eva . . . Good for her! Three cakes and one birthday!

I don't blame the grandparents for wanting Christmas with them . . . I'd do the same myself.

Another favorite post . . . .

I am going to be sad about your leaving America . . . I feel like I have followed "The Adventures of the Campbell Clan" all summer long almost like a favorite novel. :) Are you feeling famous??? Ha.

It has made for great reading during busy times, hard times, stressful times, and so on . . . You get the idea.

Love to you all and be safe on your trip. We are headed to Virginia this Friday to establish a permanent residence for Miss Kathleen. Too much talk about it and I will be boo-hooing and re-reading your blog to take my mind off of it. Just wait . . . . That's down the road. Sometimes I wish I was still on the same end of the road you are on now. Then I have to shake myself out of that and remember to enjoy this time in Kathleen's life.

I really need to blog these things . . . So many great pictures from France. Animals, flowers, people and Kathleen's favorite places. I saw France through my daughter's eyes and that was so special.

I've talked enough to publish my own novel so bye for a little while as we will be traveling and getting a much needed break.

Hug and kiss all those sweet children for me . . . Benaiah has been nothing but smiles, hasn't he?


Melanie Keffer said...

P. S. I think next time you come home for a visit and even remotely suggest meeting you at the ICS offices, I am going to take you up on it! No need in my being stubborn, is there??


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