Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Tennessee Turkeys

As I drove my kids to swim lessons, I spotted these 4 turkeys. I quickly pulled over and grabbed my camera. My sweet niece, who has lived in the country most of her life, said, "Aunt Sara, why are you taking a picture of turkeys?" as if it was the most natural thing on earth to see a family of turkeys trot by our car. I replied simply, "Read my blog." which made her crack up. We never see turkeys in Turkey. In fact, we have to special order turkey from our butcher at Thanksgiving time. Not only have I seen turkeys here all summer, they came to visit Grandma's garden one day. This made Grandma mad. I ran out the door in my pajamas with the dog, grabbing an umbrella as I went. The dog caught their sent in the woods and took off in the wrong direction. I ran straight in the garden flapping the umbrella open and closed and making turkey-scaring noises all along the way. Now that would have been a much better turkey picture.
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Melanie Keffer said...

Somehow I have the feeling the best pictures are the ones we don't see of Sara. :)

Am enjoying reading about your summer adventures. I get tempted to blog ours this year since we are going in 900 different directions at the moment. One thing I must share is we had nine boys give their hearts to Jesus last week as a direct result of our work in Royal Rangers. That was a definite thrill.

Thanks for sharing with us.


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