Thursday, August 6, 2009


I do not have a picture for today's post. If I had a scanner and could add pictures to reinforce the subject matter, this post would make you laugh hilariously. I decided during our 2 weeks without Campbell Clansman being in the USA, I would show my girls some of my memory books and old photo albums from the attic. They were so excited. Tonight I cracked open my college memories book. They were shocked. "Why are you sitting by that boy?"
"Well he was my date for that night."
"Why did Papa let you go on that date?"
"Well, Papa wasn't in my life then."
"But I thought you went to the same high school. This was in college."
"Well, Papa was just some dreamy older boy that I sort of remembered from high school. Our paths hadn't really crossed yet."
I think this is perhaps why many people destroy all their old dating photos. But if I told them once, I told them 15 times..."Papa is the best boy I ever had in my life and I would never, ever, ever have picked anyone else..." to which they replied, "Yea. Our Papa is best."

Amid those discussions, two comments emerged about old photos of me that caused me to laugh very hard. The first was from Perma-Baby (also known as Eva, the 4 year old)..."Mama, you look so new." Yes. I was new then.

And the other...from The Tiptoer (also known as Annika, my 8 year old), "Mama, I really really like your bushy hair then."

You have my permission to laugh. And maybe just maybe I'll find a scanner so you can see the big hair for yourself.


Anonymous said...

I used to look a lot "newer," too. That is too funny! And now I'm wondering who the boy was. ;)

Ms. Morton the teacher said...

PLEASE bring that picture with you. I know you won't find a scanner!

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