Wednesday, August 5, 2009


Big Ben has made a special buddy up here in Middle Tennessee. Rumor has it he's cashing in on the animal cracker mother lode.
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Melanie Keffer said...

I KNOW the grandparents are enjoying your kids!! My Papa bought us orange sherbet pushups and Icees . . . We would ride in the back of his pick-up truck every evening after supper to the Jitney Junior store to get our Icee. He bought pushups by the case because we loved them so much.

Papa is still living and keeping house. He is so precious. I have to write him letters now with large print since his eyesight and hearing are not so good. (Can't hear on the telephone.) When David became unemployed, he would give money to my mother and say, "Here, you give this to Melanie and David . . " He's 92 years and on a fixed income but that did not matter because I am still his baby. :)

So good your kids are getting the time with your parents and Ross' parents!

I can't wait to be a grandmother myself!! :)


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