Monday, August 6, 2018

Singapore in Seven: Hawker Centre

The next morning in Singapore, we hit a hawker centre for breakfast. It was fitting, as I was hitting hawker centres pretty soon upon arrival in Turkey 21 years ago! This place, bustling with life, color, sounds, and smells became MY life when I lived here.

Many nights after teaching all day, we would go to our local hawker centre for a hot meal prepared by locals. It was cheap, fast, and delicious!

There were many foods I remembered from my years there and planned to try during my short visit. But upon arrival, I realized how many foods I had forgotten. I can't begin to tell you how the smells and sounds of the hawker centre took me back to being a young bride with my first overseas experience. Very little had changed in this cultural experience.

My buddy LC convinced me to get a coconut ice dessert. Not worms. Gummies.

Every Saturday morning so long ago, I would put on my shorts and loose shirt (it was SO hot) and my flip flops and head over to the hawker centre. There I would buy our fresh fruits and vegetables for the week. CC always wanted me to get tomatoes, lemons, green onions, and cilantro. We ate salsa every week on every thing. There was no such thing as a blog back then. I would have blogged all of this.

On every corner was a temple. This hawker centre was no exception.

As time went on, I tried more and more things at the hawker centre. I made friends there. I felt comfortable there. I enjoyed watching the faces of guests when I took them there.

I bought more and more there, but not everything....

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