Saturday, January 20, 2018

I temporarily interrupt this regularly scheduled blog....

Well, I was doing ok! I spent a little bit of time each morning in Spain keeping the blog up to date. And then the 31 of December came, and CC and my four kids hopped on a plane back to Turkey. Firstborn and I stayed a few extra days, then took a flight to get her back to Germany, where her original (before everything got changed) ticket needed to originate. I flew back in late Sunday and hit the ground running Monday with my full teaching load after 3 weeks gone (the last 1/2 week of which I had a substitute teacher). And then on the following Saturday morning, I got a pitiful phone call. Firstborn was so sick she could hardly talk or even open her mouth. She HAD been sick in Spain, then returned and had class that first morning at 8AM. She went to a doctor at college and was diagnosed with tonsillitis. After three days of no improvement, she went back. She has MONO. So, I have not forgotten this blog. In fact, I'm going to get some pictures uploaded tonight. But that's what I've been doing (and in addition to that, all the exams I wrote prior to leaving for Spain were LOST when our local vendor said he illegally sold us an online curriculum and can not restore it. The early bird did NOT get the worm. I've been re-writing them all....) Please pray for my girl. 


Amy said...

I hope she is feeling better! My daughter, who is also in college, came down with mono in October. On the first doctor visit she was diagnosed with tonsillitis, she wasn't better in a few days, returned to the doctor and was then diagnosed with strep throat. After a few more days, she returned once again and was finally tested and diagnosed with mono. It was hard for me not to run to her and try to make it better, so I can only imagine how difficult it was for you! Wishing you all the best!

Mary Ann said...

Just now saw this post. Will be praying for your daughter. Have been praying for your family based on the news I have received in regard to Turkey. Have followed your blog for many years and you have been very uplifting to me. I have prayed for your ministry and your family is a great example of what God intended family to be as you love and support one another. I am much older but when I was in college I was also diagnosed with mono and everything turned out fine. As a Mom of an older child I have cried quite a few tears from your posts. I admire you and your knowledge that you are following God's will. Will continue to pray. Cyber Hugs

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