Tuesday, January 30, 2018

España Experience: Mijas and Flamenco

We took a short drive over to Mijas, a beautiful town situated on top of a mountain and overlooking the sea. It was beautiful! We just walked around the town and looked around until the sun set.

I was clicking these pictures as we drove! Everything was so beautiful!

One thing we knew we wanted to do is see a flamenco show. So many of them started so late at night! Zzzzzz. We never quite adjusted to the late night routine! But we found one that started not quite as late. We ordered fish and eagerly anticipated the show to come.

It was amazing!!! The dance routines and foot work were spectacular!!! If you go to Spain, see a show! We will never forget one man in the audience who had a bit much to drink. After every dance, he would yell, "WOWOWOWOW!" It's become a battle cry in our home amid giggles. We bought a set of castanets for Miss Middler to surprise her on her upcoming birthday in January. Miss Midd and Twinkle put them on and start reenacting the dance, complete with the very somber and serious expression of the dancers, and I literally can not stop laughing. They are so hilarious! What a fun night to get to see it!


Kate Saline said...

Do you blog elsewhere now? Sure miss following your adventures!

Anonymous said...

So glad you are back! I loved getting to see this place years ago..
Love to all of you!

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