Thursday, January 25, 2018

España Experience: Christmas Day

We all knew Christmas would be different. This would be the first year in years that we would not be in our own home with our own traditions, established from many years of living overseas and needing to somehow make Christmas our own without the ability to see extended family. We brought as many traditions with us as we could without weighing down our suitcases.

Christmas Eve we attended a beautiful candlelight and carol service in the church of our friends.

I did manage to create my mom's breakfast casserole with ingredients I found at the Spanish grocery store. Instead of cinnamon rolls, I bought some delightful sweet pastries. Our normal fruit salad included the wonderful tropical varieties there. And cheese grits? It didn't happen! We really enjoyed our brunch.

One thing I added, on a whim, was a Yule log. It was beautiful, fun, whimsical, and delicious. The little plastic Christmas ornament stuck on the icing was likely thrown away by most families who purchased one. But for me, I'll keep it forever. It was our Yule log ornament!

After breakfast, we went to open gifts. The morning was slow and sweet and honestly, magical. I remember thinking, "This is exactly where I want to be. This is exactly what I want this day to be."

The kids' gifts to each other and to us were so sweet. I mean, so very thoughtful...not expensive but so loving. The day just touched me very deeply.

We heard that in Spain these are for good luck, just like black eyed peas in the South. So, we had to get Big Ben some Feliz Navidad ones!

Here's what I mean by thoughtful....Firstborn got me a hat. I love hats. She got me a plaid sweater shawl. She knows I love Scottish plaids. Miss Middler got me just the kind of earrings I love. Twinkle painted me this scene from our trip to Germany....

Big Ben had a good Christmas! We got him a mug and pillow from the soccer team he got to see in Spain. He wanted his cousins to see his presents, hence this picture!
 I loved the day in every way! I will not forget it.

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