Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Capturing Cappadocia: Breakfast

A highlight of Cappadocia for me is definitely mornings! Getting up a little more slowly, grabbing a cup of coffee, going up to the rooftop to watch hot air balloons, and reading my Bible pretty much sums up my favorite time of the day!

And then there's Turkish breakfast. Mmmm. If I ever leave this place, I'll still make the breakfast. On my plate are cucs, tomatoes, nuts, oranges, bananas. That's hot apple tea. The bread's dip is a mixture of pekmez (like molasses) and tahin (sesame paste). It's good.

Oh, and don't forget cheeses, olives, and helva. (sweet, smashed nuts, sugar, and sesame...basically tastes like cotton candy for breakfast)

And then there's my kid. Excited about the cocoa puffs.

 The gal will always be a Turk.

This year they created the breakfast into a buffet style, which was nice. There is an item or two I pass up. I wouldn't do that if served it, but if I get to choose....I'll pass on the Turkish sausage and pureed smoky garlic spread for breakfast.


Elizabeth said...

What about the french fries or little hot dogs in that ketchup-y sauce?! Ha! My kids love a nice hotel breakfast of CoCo Puffs, saucy hots dogs, and french fries! We're health nuts! Ha!

Anonymous said...

I've never mentioned this, but I have actually been inspired by the breakfasts in Turkey. I have always been in awe of them, first wondering how you could eat anything but bacon and eggs for breakfast thinking that was more like a lunch type thing . . . then, suddenly realizing how healthy that kind of breakfast is.

My son just came in with good news about his baseball so I've got to rush off . . .

Much love to you all!

Angie said...

I love his cocoa puffs face!!!

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