Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Sunday Lunch for Three

It just so happened that on my real birthday, I only had 2 of my 5 kids around! One had a sore throat, one heard her sister had a sore throat and thought she might have a headache (Sweet Cheeks!), and one went to the US Base Chapel to help lead worship along with our other youth. So, I just had Miss Middler and Big Ben accompany me to church and lunch.

What happens when you are only 2 of 5 kids at a restaurant? You actually get to order a soft drink!

I ordered my weekly Diet Coke. Turkey is putting names on Cokes now. It's fun to see what you'll get. Mine said, "My love."

Big Ben was a hungry boy. He put away his cheese and tomato pide, plus salad, plus bread and dip, plus bulgar, plus part of the eggplant meal Miss Midd and I split!

It was a fun mix. Boy, 2 kids are quiet compared to 5!


Melanie Keffer said...

I remember those times when there was just one or two. Maverick said one time about going with me by himself . . . "I got to get the expensive hamburger since I was the only one."

As for Ben . . . Mercy! :) The best is yet to come with that one. I never eat all my food until the boys are finished because even though they get plenty, they are never full!! I have to pretend like I've had all I want, and I usually have, or they won't let me give them mine. They have a real thing about not taking anything away from Mom. Sometimes it takes a lot of convincing but I know they are still hungry. They can't hide it! :)

Growing up my dad did the same thing with us. He never took seconds until we finished eating then he would eat everything left on the table. I didn't realize why until I became a parent. I thought he wasn't hungry, he just didn't want to waste food. :)

Sounds like you had a really good time!


Melanie Keffer said...

For the first time ever, I see a slight resemblance to Ross, in Ben . . . It's more an aura than physical looks. :)


Elizabeth said...

Happy Birthday from Istanbul! Sounds like you had a great one!

Praying this year is full of the Lord's grace and mercy for you and your family!

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