Sunday, February 9, 2014

MIss Middler's Birthday: Ropes Course

Miss Middler requested the ropes course at the new mall for her birthday. They suited the girls up and they climbed right up. She has one friend who is in grade 5 but is short for her age. They originally told us she was not tall enough by regulation. But, we're in Turkey. So, we smiled and explained it was a birthday party. Wouldn't it be ok just this once? So, the attendant gave her his own harness which had a slightly longer rope attachment and let her do it. And what did HE do? He went on the course to help them with NO rope holding him on. Such is life in Turkey. Rules can be bent. After 10 years of living here, I can see the advantages in that.

The ropes course went up three levels. We were only supposed to have 30 minutes, but they gave them a full hour. I am certain cute girls like these using the ropes course was far better advertisement for them than an empty ropes course.

We were given a handful of tokens with our birthday package, so CC and I went at it on the air hockey game. (My dream house would have one of these!) (the air hockey game, not the man...I have him already!)
 The girls each got to play a game.
 Then we came home and let them all sleep in the den. They were up early, very early.
 I knew when I took this picture it would be my favorite!

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