Thursday, August 1, 2013

Putt Putt Party

We so enjoyed our annual tradition of a Putt Putt birthday party for Sweet Cheeks with her Memphis cousins. With our 5 and their 3, we make up a party of 8! We started with a quick game of mini golf. I think Big Ben applied some hockey strategies to his game.

The birthday girl in her shades.

Sisters and cousin
Uncle D and Aunt K
 The sweet employee of Putt Putt who was in charge of our party made my day. She did not know my name, so she just kept calling me "Party Mom." I'd like that one to stick. She also asked me, "Will your dad be playing laser tag?" My dad was not there, nor my father-in-law. Only CC. a-hem.

In addition to mini golf, we got to play laser tag. Big Ben was not old enough to play, but the guys let him stand by the height chart. He stood on his tiptoes and held his neck as high as possible and cleared it. He was one happy boy with his laser pack and gun. We also had 30 minutes of unlimited arcade games. My personal favorite was the snow sled. I could fly off of a cliff, but I never died. That is my kind of game.
 We ended with go karts and water-spraying bumper boats.

And the funniest thing to happen all night was at the end. It was late. VERY late for Campbell kids. You know when you just get to that point where you want to load them, click the seatbelts, and know you are on your way to getting them to bed? Well, they were "dying" of thirst, so I told them they could run back inside to get a water fountain drink. We waited and waited. Finally, I went in to find out what was taking so long. Twinkle Toes had, just for a  last-ditch effort, spun the Pirate's wheel for tickets and hit the 1000 jackpot. The line of tickets coming out of it stretched to the door. So, we waited for the tickets. Then we redeemed them in the machine. Then we went up to 'buy' the junk that you can buy with those things. Twinkle Toes let her cousin and sister get the giant, oversized sunglasses they'd had their eye on. Then she got Big Ben a car he had wanted earlier but did not have enough tickets to get. Then she got herself a mini flashlight. The looks on their faces when that machine started chugging out the 1000 tickets was priceless. And suddenly it didn't matter that it was VERY late and that I was very ready to load them up.

Happy birthday, Sweet Cheeks, you are a wonderful excuse to party!


Rachel said...

JACKPOT! How fun! My sister was recently mistaken for her son's grandmother. She was mortified. She's in her mid forties and Timmy is 17. Granted it was by a teenage employ at walmart but still. :)

Angie said...

Party Mom, I like that!
Sounds like Party Mom planned an awesome birthday :)

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