Tuesday, February 19, 2013

My Tree

The tree I bought at the teacher supply store last summer (and mom got laminated for me) was the best purchase I made all summer. In August, it held summer t-shirts, decorated with pictures of what each new third grader did over the summer. In the Fall, it had multi-colored leaves. When Winter came, snowflakes clung to its branches. Before the end of the eyar, we'll have cherry blossoms and green leaves with some Haiku poems around it.
I found this idea on teacherspayteachers. It was just a freebie with cards to teach story elements. I blew them up, laminated them, added a couple of birdhouses and birds, and now have a bulletin board.


Anonymous said...

Kathleen is having fun with her class also . . . although adult students, she loves to be creative with them in their learning.

Your tree and really wonderful ideas, made me think of that. I just wonder if you ever get to old for "fun in learning?" For her paralegal class, Kathleen actually played a Schoolhouse Rock video about the Constitution . . .

Ah, being a teacher . . . Sara, you know what . . . and this is the truth, you might relate also, but I see in Kathleen how she draws from all the teachers she ever had. It is like she takes the best of them all and that is what she gives her class now. You might relate. Of course, you had a mother who was a teacher and I imagine, your inspiration.

I'm just hats off to all teachers and very appreciative to those who taught my kids. I wish I could find Matthew's first grade teacher and tell her what a difference she made in Matt's life. I wish all of Kathleen's could see the fruits of their labors in her.


Anonymous said...

I love the STORY TREE! I need to use that with my boys! Kim

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