Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Miss Middler turns 11!

My little girl was just 18 months when we moved here. On January 18, she turned 11! She had the day off of school. How is it that it worked out this year that ALL our girls have a school holiday on their birthday? (Twinkle Toes' fell during a Turkish religious holiday, Miss Middler was one day break between semesters, Firstborn will have hers during Spring Break, and Sweet Cheeks will be living it up during the summer holiday!) Maybe he can work that out every year for them! Miss Middler wanted to go ice skating. I've tried my hand at cake decorating, and I'm just not very good. This year I got the idea to print something off the Internet, cut it out, and create my own stencil with cocoa powder.

We took her and some of her friends to the mall for pizza and cake.
And her adopted aunt!
Then we all went ice skating. I tried to beat CC, but he beat me in every race. Just watch out if I replace my blades for 4 wheels!
Happy birthday, sweet daughter of mine!

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K Ogan said...

Miss Middler and Madelyn share a birthday! We never imagined that Madelyn would have a January birthday!
Happy Birthday to your daughter! - Kibbie

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