Tuesday, March 6, 2012


Papa brought us lots of surprises in his luggage. I got a couple of things for my 40th birthday ( a cute, new outfit; a beautiful bowl made by an artist; and some $$$!) from our families. The kids also got some Easter candy (shhhh!). It's always a challenge to fill Easter baskets here with candy that doesn't really look Easter-ish. In addition to that, our sweet Singaporean friends sent us a Kindle (hurray!!!) and the girls some batik dresses and purses from the East.
These friends from Singapore were our landlords when this daughter was born. Amazing how God brings people in your path, isn't it?

Mimi sent the girls t-shirts, which they've enjoyed layering this week. (Still snow!)
Big Ben quickly found his intended gifts, a front loader and a new Nerf gun. In fact, there were 2 Nerf guns...Papa got himself one too.


Laurie said...

I know you are so happy he is home!!! Getting gifts is always fun!

Tara G. said...

Obviously, both father and son NEED a gun! :) {Hence, the reason I spent $15 each on light sabers for Christmas!!}

Rachel said...

It's no fun unless someone fights back! :) I always loved when someone brought a care package from the states. I looked forward to semi sweet chocolate chips the most. We couldn't get them in Nigeria.

Anonymous said...

Our Papa, aka Daddy, always did the same when he went out of town. I still have many of the things he brought us. I actually passed down a letter opener to one of my sons recently. It was from New Bern, North Carolina.

God bless Papas and Daddys. There are no replacements for them.


Anonymous said...

I used to live in singapore too! Best place ever. What part of the Island did you live on?

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