Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Cool Car

The other day my son (3 years old) and I were driving our van. It is still snowing off and on where we live. It seemed a good day to get out, run errands, and see the world together. Here was our conversation: 
B: Mom, our car is not a cool car.
Me: Why don't you think so?
B: It's just not a cool car.
Me: What's a cool car look like?
B: This (points to a car similar to this one) 


Me: Well, son, I think our car is very cool. Do you know why? God gave it to us. And it's also cool because it fits all 7 of us. Don't you think so?
B: No, it's not cool. It's just normal. 
Me: Well, just so you know. We HAD cool cars until all of you came along! 


Tara G. said...

RIOT!!!!!!!!!!! Seriously, little boys are VERY funny!!

Anonymous said...

Why do I get the strongest feeling he is going to be something else as he grows up? That is so cute.

Oh, Sara. The youngest one is always something else! In our house the youngest is the least 'afraid' of Mom and the one everybody would send to ask me things they were afraid to ask.

I must tell you that recently I sat at my oldest son's ballgame with my youngest son huddled with me on the bleachers because it was so cold. I fell in love with them all over again. Both of them were such gentlemen not only to me but to others as well.

Those two little boys who came later into my life, a year apart in age, have held a stronghold in their mother's heart since the day they were born. I used to carry them around, both at the same time, one on each hip, because that was easier than wrangling with a stroller. Back then it was hard, but I would do it again in a minute.

Ahhh. Isn't being a mom grand?


Kelley said...

ROFL! So. very. true! (and we weren't crockpot wiedling, remote snatching, evil witches either!)

Angie said...

They really have no idea do they? I drive a mini van and it's totally NOT a cool car but it is a very practical car!!!

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