Tuesday, January 1, 2019

Oh Gus

Meet Gus. He was born to a sweet kitty who kept coming around for food. We could clearly tell she had babies at some point, but we hadn't seen the kittens. Then one night, she brought them with her. They were wild and untamed. This guy got in the house and ransacked it, jumping from cabinet to cabinet trying to find his way back out.
But over time, he become more and more comfortable with us. Finally, CC agreed that we could let him come in sometimes. Then later, he said, "Well, let's get it to the vet." (At that point, we'd been calling the kitten a she. She was a he!) He's become quite the sensation at our house, and is the cuddliest cat we've ever had. He has a couple of bad habits, but he's so charming we are fairly forgiving. CC got to name him, as is tradition. He named him Agustos (born in August), and we are calling him Gus.

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Anonymous said...

We have a stray black cat who is scared of the bigger strays so...
He has sort of found a home :) and we are NOT cat people :)
Love Gus!
Jamie and Chris

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