Monday, July 23, 2018

Singapore in Seven: Roti Prata and Nature Reserve

Our friends, KH and LC, were actually our former landlords. We discovered within minutes of meeting them to see their rental apartment so long ago that they were also believers. (Interesting how brothers and sisters find each other.) We grew to be very good friends and have stayed in touch. (You might remember many years ago they visited us in Turkey.)  They were so happy to host us during our week in Singapore. Our first morning, we headed out to a local place for the breakfast we had missed so very much: Roti Prata. What is roti prata? It's Indian flat fried bread that is dipped in spicy sauces. How can I describe how much we loved it?! And how could I not sit there and remember my little Twinkle Toes at two years old, dipping her bread and not flinching at the hottest curries on the island?

We couldn't have our roti prata without teh halia, the local ginger tea with sweet milk.

They live near the Diary Farm Nature Reserve, so we went for a little walk. Singapore is a thoroughly modern city, but the tendency to be a jungle is forever etching in. So when land is left alone, the most beautiful tropical flora presents itself.

We saw a little field trip. I was reminded of how my little people were always wearing hats there to keep the sun off.

As we exited, we heard a familiar chatter overhead. Up in the trees were families of monkeys.

My good friend LC.

I felt so much better that next morning and just kept thinking how happy I was to be back in Singapore with my groom.



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Cindy said...

So glad you're back to blogging! I've been eagerly awaiting this series of posts :-)

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