Saturday, July 21, 2018

Singapore in Seven: Back to Blogging (aka All My Excuses)

My last blog post was May 18. I just looked. As I sit here listening to life as it sounds on a front porch in Middle Tennessee, laptop balanced on my lap, I am reminded of all of the reasons I blog. I love to write. This forum helps me process life and share how God is good to me. Why haven't I blogged for 2 months? My excuses: after returning from Singapore to Turkey, I began grading the 50 research papers I had assigned to the kids to write while I was gone. On the heels of that, Firstborn landed back on our continent for the first time since she left in June. Right about the time I felt like I had everything squared away, my laptop crashed. We were just about to fly out to the USA, so we brought it with us to the USA to have it checked. It's so much easier to understand a computer repair in English. My laptop is up and running, and life is too. So, I'm back! And I missed you.

It's summer now, but I'm jumping back to Singapore so that I can stay in order. As I said in my post form oh, so long ago in May, the school in Singapore where we worked from 1997-2003 was set to celebrate their 25th anniversary. They graciously bought us plane tickets and asked us to come back and share what God did in the early years of the school's existence. CC had been back two times for administrative conferences, but I had never returned since we left 15 years ago.

Board a plane together? to Singapore? Without our kids? A few wrinkles and gray hairs more, but it was just like when we were newlyweds setting off on this big overseas adventure for the first time! We were pretty excited. Our kids are amazing at taking care of each other. I put together some food in the fridge, lined up some help getting them to and from school, and asked a couple of friends to take my two younger ones when the older girls would be at their youth retreat. All set.

The day was so busy with a staff olympics day and picnic, and our flight was a late night red eye. By the time we got to the airport, I had a mild headache. We flew to Istanbul and then on to Singapore. We did get some sleep, but my headache just lingered. Then it turned to migraine. (I've only had a few of these in my lifetime.) I ended up so sick that I threw up most of the way to Singapore. :( The last time I threw up all the way to Singapore I was pregnant with my first baby and had no idea!

We landed in the beautiful city we grew to love, and our dear Singaporean friends were there to meet us.

We grabbed quick bite at a cute Vietnamese dive, then headed home. My friend knew how sick I was, so she invited me to have a Chinese head massage by her. The smell of her essential oils floating in the air, lying on a bamboo mat, having my head massaged by her reduced the headache, and soon I was sound asleep for the night. We had seven days ahead of us, and each day would prove to be a blessing!


GiGi said...

I was getting concerned because you had not posted. I am glad to see it was due to life and busy times. I have been following your blog for a few years now and I enjoy your post greatly. I love sharing your beliefs and learning more about
God and how he blesses your family. I like your adventures too. So keep up the good wori and blog blog blog....Thank you for sharing your life with we readers.
Glinda Majors
Cairo, Ga.

Anonymous said...

So happy you're back!

Molly's Grandma said...

I was worried that you had been silent for so long. Welcome back, love reading your entries.

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