Thursday, November 23, 2017

Happy 21st to Us and Gettin' Ready for Thanksgiving

Last weekend my love and I celebrated our 21st anniversary! We are fast approaching being married 1/2 our lives.

He took me out to see Murder on the Orient Express (Loved! Especially because it was Istanbul in the 1930's) and out to dinner, then surprised me with a night in a hotel. I was down in the Turkish bath at midnight getting scrubbed. I think I fell asleep! It was a wonderful night out, and I love my man.

We are getting ready for Thanksgiving over here. Going to have a crowd of 23 today! I came home last night and my housekeeper surprised me with stuffed cabbage, Turkish style. The stuffed red peppers were oh, so good. We threw in some sweet potatoes and let the countries unite for dinner!

I've been cooking my 18 lb. turkey all morning. Miss Happy wants in.

This will be my first Thanksgiving ever without Firstborn. She is well loved there by my folks. But we miss her.
Happy Thanksgiving to all my readers!

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Unknown said...

Happy 21st Anniversary, Happy Thanksgiving!

I sang Psalm 100 this morning, as I cooked for my much smaller crowd of 7.

So thankful that I found your blog, you bless me much!

Enjoy your family today, ME will be with you soon to celebrate the Reason we have hope!

Love and prayers from KY

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