Thursday, January 23, 2014

Kizer Visit: Treehouse Lunch

After fellowship with others, M took us to a beautiful part of Antalya I had never seen....we drove a winding, steep mountain path to some restaurant treehouses. They are literally built into trees (with no codes, I am sure). A stairway is built into them, and we climbed to the top for lunch. There was one little make-shift elevator, but only for food to be sent up.

We all curled our legs up under us, shoes by the door, and sat on the Turkish cushions.

Our visiting family loved the gozleme, a flat fried bread with stuffings like spinach, cheese, and potato inside.


I am sorry to say our delightful lunch turned into a nightmare. The treehouse proprietor offered us hot Turkish tea. He brought it up in the traditional double teapot, then set it on the small round table. When he reached over to clear plates, he knocked the teapot off....2 full pots of boiling water and tea. Our new friend M reacted quickly and shoved Sweet Cheeks onto her dad, then took the full 2 pots on his barefeet. Third degree burns. It was awful. Sometimes codes can be helpful. We got back to the hotel (where he is currently living while yacht building), helped him get some burn medicines, then continued to check on him. He reports via Facebook that he is doing ok. Thanks for taking the hit for my kid, M. I'll forever be grateful. He says he plans to be culturally insensitive from now on and keep his shoes on!

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Melanie Keffer said...

What adventures you have!! A treehouse restaurant, literally!! That is just too cool! Not to mention a yacht builder??!! Oh, gee!! Poor M!! How chivalrous!! That part I love! :)

Now, what is it you don't like about being away from home?? ;)

I was also thinking how good God is to us when we endure hard things for His sake, don't you agree? What benefits we have as His children! I can't help it, a yacht captain is still way too cool . . . I can't wait to share this one with Kathleen. These are adventures your kids will never forget!!

. . . And to think I always thought Turkey was dull. :)


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