Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Kizer Visit: Termessos

On our first day in Antalya, we hit the ancient city of Termessos. It was a LONG hike up. In fact, Alexander the Great passed this city by, calling it "The Eagle's Nest" and deciding it would not be easy enough to conquer. Thankfully, there is a path now.

Here are the beautiful Campbell grandkids, all together.
Maybe Alex the Great didn't have a big sis to help him.

Big Ben had fun rough-housing with Uncle D. It's so funny to me that he begs to be flipped upside down. I have another kid, nameless, who screamed for her life. We all learned quickly NOT to flip her!
Deep through the brush you can find tombs, empty and raided.
We enjoyed some time in the theater. The benches are still intact.
And the ruins are piled at the bottom. Can you spot Sweet Cheeks?
Kizer family
Campbell family
It was a great day of exploring and togetherness.

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