Friday, April 22, 2011

Miss Middler's Science Experiment

I am SO happy to be back on blogspot! Thank you, Turkey, for giving me back my chance to blog here!

We've had a busy month. Some of our memories from this past month can be found here: but we are officially back on blogspot and hoping it won't be blocked again.

Next week is our Science Fair. This is our family's one year to have three kids participating. Miss Middler, now a third grader, got her first chance to be in the Science Fair. She chose to determine which liquid would rust a nail the fastest.

Her guess was lemon juice, but in the end she found that it was vinegar.

I just had to put those goggles on her, I can hardly stand it, she is so cute!
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Anonymous said...

My only response to this one is laughing . . . Again, you are shameless . . . The goggles!! :))


P. S. Sounds like something I'd do!! :)

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