Monday, April 25, 2011

Easter Morn Part I

How did you celebrate Easter? After worshiping the Lord in church on this most special day, we normally go out for a nice lunch. This year, however, the day's schedule was different. Our church started later and was a combination of all the congregations that meet in our church (Turkish/English/Iranian/Korean...I could go on and on.) Also, Sunday was the wedding of our school's security guard, which CC and I needed and wanted to attend. So, we decided to make our Sunday morning breakfast a little more special rather than go out for lunch. Cinnamon rolls were a must.
We give our kids Easter baskets, but keep them simple. I had a small box of jelly beans and a chocolate egg and a small toy. My sweet friends Brenda and JN decided they wanted to bless our kids and gave me a bag of candy for each of their Easter baskets.

Someone had given me an Easter egg dye packet from the US, so each of the kids dyed 3 eggs.

It was so very cold and rainy here yesterday. We donned our Summer sundresses, all coordinating, and I just could not bring myself to put a winter coat atop them. So, we opted for our good ol' shawls, which I think look like dyed Easter eggs anyway. Sweet Cheeks is turning herself into an egg here.

Our philosophy is to let these oh-so-important holidays be fully the Lord's, but also allow those traditions which will make the day special and fun, so long as we keep them simple. So, I am curious. For those of you reading this who are Christians and celebrate the risen Savior on Easter Sunday, what other fun traditions, if any, do you use with your family?
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Anonymous said...

I love reading your family blog! You have great kids. As for our Easter, we go to a very large church and I am in the choir for 3 services. We have an early dinner or late lunch. If family is not here we have some couple friends over to celebrate the Risen Savior!

Anonymous said...

This years' Easter was not a normal one but normally, we dye eggs on Saturday, eat them on Sunday. Now that my kids are young adults, sometimes they get a basket with goodies . . . I have put things like underwear and socks (Believe it or not, all of mine get a thrill out of new underwear and socks and always have . . ), different sizes of batteries, pens, pencils (that is Kathleen's) and so on. On years I don't do a basket, I always buy them all chocolate of some kind.

I have never found, even when the kids were little and we hid eggs, etc., that traditions took anything away from what the holiday really meant. Easter IS the day Jesus rose from the grave . . . So what if the Easter Bunny celebrates the day Jesus was resurrected? :) Oh, and everyone has new duds (clothes). We all have something new of some kind. David has a new tie, etc.

To teach my kids what going to church was when they were growing up, I always made their "Sunday" clothes special. They even had Sunday underwear (They only wore it on Sunday.) :) Easter is the granddaddy of all days to dress for church. Why shouldn't we deck out to go to God's house? How much would we dress up to go to the White House?

That is the way we have always done our Easter.


P. S. We are sure to always read the Easter story sometime during the week before. This year, I assigned that to the boys for their daily devotions.

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