Sunday, February 17, 2008

A new little person

Quite surprised, I discovered about 3 weeks ago that just shy of turning 36, and just getting the 'last' Campbell baby out of her crib and into a big-girl bed, and just after handing off all my baby clothes, I was pregnant. For one long agonizing week I held my tongue and wandered through the days and nights in a sort of dreamy state. How could this be? Now? What would Ross say? Will I be a SAHM again? (Other realizations began to it wasn't the sahlep (Turkish sweet milk drink) that made me sleepy by's a bun in the oven!!!)

The next weekend we planned to meet up with some other couples to celebrate our birthday (primarily Ross' birthday as he was due to hit his 40th). We enjoyed a nice Mexican meal, then I handed him a card. He read my little riddle..."You did not ask for this can not be can't be opened until later..." and he was quite amused and confused. Then he read the line, "Eva was to be our Songul..." and it hit. (In Turkey, the last daughter is often named Songul which means Final Rose.) And at that moment, he coughed, he sputtered, he teared up, and he knew. Now I realize that wasn't exactly 'nice' of me, but how often do you find out about a surprise pregnancy 1 week before your husband has his 40th birthday party? Our friends rallied, we all laughed, we enjoyed the teasing. But it was not until after we dropped the last friend off, that Ross pulled up to the mountain ridge above us and said, "SARA!!! How did this happen?!!!" to which I replied, 'You tell me.' So, there ya have it. But the truth is that while our plan was to be done with the baby years, we said if God intervened that would be ok. This intervention is ok.


Anonymous said...

Sara, I am so excited for you and your family! When our Father makes His plan known--the best thing we can do is rejoice!:) Take good care of yourself! Your children are so beautiful, you didn't need to stop with only 4! Ha!

Michele said...

One "little Sara" was cute...two were adorable...then threee...then four...and now? Oh. My. Goodness. I fear the day they fully turn into their mother. May God have mercy on their poor father.

Girl - you know I'm thrilled for you. You are an amazing woman and mother and God has blessed you beyond measure. What a gift!!

Stephen and Kelly said...

What a great surprise! I can´t wait to find out if it will be another precious girl or a boy! Either way, what a wonderful blessing!

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