Thursday, February 28, 2008

DADDY cooks?

We enjoyed a delicious Asian Chicken Salad for dinner last night, rounded out with some milkshakes to fill everyone up after such a healthy main course. Just before dinner, I had torn, washed, and spun the lettuce; chopped tomatoes and cucumbers; made a great Asian dressing; and fried up some slivered almonds and Ramen noodles for toppings. But then there was that raw chicken with which to contend. Already having a stomach dangerously close to being sick due to 'All Day' Sickness in the first trimester, I asked Ross if he would throw the chicken on the table top grill for me. He agreed to do it thankfully. Then some of the newest, sweetest words came out of our toddler's mouth as she watched from her high chair, "DADDY cooks?!"


Kelly said...

Sara - yeay! You have a blog!!!! Would it be okay if I linked to you so I can keep up???

Laurie said...

I did not know that you have a blog! I am thrilled!

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