Monday, February 18, 2008

How to get around

Ankara had an amazing snow this past weekend! We were out of school today (Monday) and have enjoyed watching beautiful snowflakes coming down all around us. In my attempt to be one of those mommies that will be remembered as 'fun', I told the kids to get on snowsuits, grab their sleds, and move out. We had hiked to church in the snow on Sunday, so today Mary Erin and I wised up. We put Eva on the sled rather than our backs. It worked beautifully except that she really couldn't hold on. She would fall off, I'd give her the 'be a tough girl, hop back on' talk, and we'd start again.

We found a good run just between some pine trees and had some great rides down, but soon it began to snow again. The windchill was around 12 degrees F. I was ready to go home and so were the girls.

So for the ride home, we put Eva on the sled on her belly. She initially wasn't happy that way, but she soon got the "Mama's not carrying you...ride or walk." talk and she fell prostrate on it. The funny thing was that the only thing exposed to the snowfall on Eva was her eyes, because she had a ski mask on. How did she protect her eyes? She put her face, forehead, nose, lips straight down on the sled and stared at the ground the entire pull home. She totally trusted us to get her home and never once glanced up, even when the Turks passing by had a fit over her (and all of us..we are basically a freak show with all our kids, all girls, in this culture anyway). We really got a kick out of how she rode home. And it made me think. Is that how I ride? Eyes set, trusting the One who pulls me?

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