Tuesday, February 2, 2016

The First Snow and Gettin' Back to (the new) Normal

We had our first snow. It was so beautiful to look out any window in our house and see the soft snow landing on the trees! We had a big time texting all our Cigdem's snowing here, is it snowing there? We are at a much higher elevation here, so we think we'll get more here. I know we already got 2 big nosebleeds early on! 

I decided to bundle up with the kids and see if we could sled. Not quite enough for it, but we had fun trying. I realize I look ridiculous. I bought this off ebay when I was suffering from some anticipation-disorder when leaving the tropical island of Singapore for the deep, cold Anatolian mountains. I am not sure if I look more like Buzz Lightyear or something off of StarWars, but it did keep me warm. 

And oh we kept watching the calendar for when our Christmas break was over. Not only would we be going back to school after 2.5 weeks. We would also ALL be loading up to ride together for the 25 minute drive, since our school hasn't moved yet. We are a 1 van family, so we all go together both ways. The kids were used to walking out our door, sometimes even hearing the first bell ring, sending them into a dead run (I don't recommend that.) But you know what? It hasn't been bad at all. We all pack up the night before. We get up earlier. We eat simple, quick breakfasts. We turn the crock pot on. And we go. We have all noticed that the family time we are getting in the car is...nice. Much better than we thought. 

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