Thursday, March 7, 2013

Pieced It Together Just Now

I finally pieced it all together at 6:47PM. The multiple frustrations of today...adding up, more and more, until I wondered how this could all happen in one that normally get along really well have just not today, one daughter gashed her knee at recess, 2 drinks spilled at the table (not 1, 2!), rush/stress to get one daughter to her class, dinner on the table late, trying to sort out who needed to apologize, the sad feeling I've had in my heart all day, the lack of sleep last night, the panic that my powerpoint needed to be fixed. All minor inconveniences, but I kept thinking, "Why in the world did ALL this happen TODAY?" Then it hit me. Tomorrow morning I will get to share with the whole elementary that God can forgive them. If you think unseen forces don't know what it going on, you're crazy. They see. Let Jesus be praised! Satan can bug me all he wants today, I'm still saying it!

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Melanie Keffer said...

SMILING BIG as I read your post . . . An old-fashioned gospel tune comes to mind (those kind you don't like - ha, but it's the words that count) . . .

"Now, let us have a little talk with J . . . "

I'm smiling big thinking of those kind of days you described.

We are like soldiers in combat and sometimes we just need to consult with the General in order to penetrate the enemy's blockade. :)

The wonderful part is you know this, you recognized it, and I am sure you knew what to do about it. :)

Good luck tomorrow!!


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