Friday, September 19, 2008


I think I learned all about contractions in about the Second Grade. They seemed so easy then. You take 2 words and make them into one word, by putting a little 'comma in the sky'. Well those days of easy contracting are over. For whatever reason, my body contracts for about a full month prior to baby delivery. This phenomenon started with my second daughter Annika. Being only baby #2, I was clueless. Every time I felt pain, I wondered, "Is this it?" Now doing this again with baby #5, I have gotten a little smarter. I assume, "This is most certainly NOT it." and I continue on with life. Last night I was awoken by some pretty extreme contractions at 12:20pm. I sat straight up and breathed deeply, then got out of bed. 15 minutes later another followed, and so on. I decided to record them because of the intensity. But how does one entertain herself during such an episode? I got on facebook, I called my sister-in-law, I made a peanut butter and jelly sandwich for the 1 daughter who opted not to order a slice of pizza on Friday pizza day, then I got into the bag of Tostados with a 'hint of lime' that was a gift from a friend with US Base Access. Along about 3:45, 3 hours after they began, I went back to bed and they stopped. I just don't remember having this much trouble figuring out contractions in 2nd grade.


Michele said...

OOH Sara - exciting stuff! I'm looking forward to seeing your new little one!

Kelly said...

Sara - you look so great!! I hope HE comes soon!!!

Laurie said...

I liked this post. Cute! I am also ready to see this baby boy!!!!!! I am excited!

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