Monday, August 29, 2016

The Beginning of the Lasts: Mixed List

We began the days of closing out school, and closing out the campus that had become home for 13 years. Big Ben represented the United States in International Day. He made sure he had a cowboy and an indian on his poster. (I know, it's Native American. I was born in 1972! It's hard to not say "cowboys and indians" when I grew up playing it every day of of my life!)

He also played the part of the wolf in the "real story" of the three little pigs. In his story, the wolf really gets a bad rap and is not nearly so bad.

This good reader also was a narrator! :)

We celebrated our sports and drama kids with an end of the year banquet. The girls received multiple certificates for their extra curricular activities this year.

We also had a music concert to close out the year. Sweet Cheeks' class performed the song, "Let There Be Peace on Earth" with sign language. It was my favorite!

I love this little (big) 1st grader in my Bible class. It was my last days with my classes, and God did some amazing things.

...And my final day with my middle school Bible class.

And, heaven help me, my daughter found a dead (not roadkill) hedgehog, wrapped him,  put him in my freezer with promises to bleach my freezer later, took him to school proud as punch, gutted him, identified all his parts, and stuffed him like a professional taxidermist. This ended up being her final exam in Anatomy and Physiology. She got a 98. She's just like that. The hedgehog maintained his odd smile throughout. We aren't quite sure how.

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Anonymous said...

I have been missing your post. It is a pleasure to read your blog. I love your faith and the adventures your family has. Keep on blogging,
An Avid Reader,
Glinda Majors

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