Thursday, April 7, 2016

Russian Adventure: Those Amazing Subways

It was so wonderful to see S and M and their twin girls! We shared so many good memories from college, and M stood with me at my wedding. The first morning, we headed out. They took us to the subway system. But this was not an everyday adventure. Very quickly, S realized we were being followed. Of course we were. He works for the FBI and a couple of "Turks" have flown in for the weekend. (I failed to tell you about my experience with the immigration officer the night before. Generally, I photograph that which I plan to blog, but I felt best not to ask him to "Say cheese!" He asked me why I wanted to come into Russia (who is currently unhappy with Turkey) and why I live in Turkey. I was really hoping to promote my US citizenship, but he quickly realized I had flown in from Turkey. I said, "I am here to tour. And to see my friend." Please imagine here your very best Russian accent..."Ah, you are here to see your boyfriend, then." I was speechless. Shucks, no. I don't have a boyfriend, I'm married! Anyway, he grumped a bit, then let us through. Soon in the airport, we began seeing Russia from our naive eyes! The women police officers work skirts, heels, and pistols. I am not sure I've ever actually seen a woman police officer in Turkey. Man, they looks classy!)

We enjoyed catching up that night, then slept like logs after our journey! But back to the "being followed" S realized there was a guy tailing us as we walked. So we stopped. So he stopped. (So, Firstborn and I were DYING! Was this awesome thing really happening to us?!) Then he made a phone call. Then we walked down the stairs to the subway. Then he walked down the stairs to the subway. Then we rounded a corner, and another man standing there snapped our picture. Tag teaming, I tell you! It was all terribly exciting, and we probably talked about it the entire day like we were in junior high. Just livin' the Moscow experience I tell ya!

The escalators in the subway were SUPER long.

And they were built in the early 1900's. They were SO beautiful and classy.

The guy with his back to us was the who followed us! I took his picture, too, when he passed us off, because I'm mature like that.

They really lived up to the stereotype I had for them. Lots of police. Lots of fur. Lots of hats. Lots of guns.

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