Monday, May 12, 2008

Big Moments in 3rd Grade

Spring always brings many events at the school. This was Mary Erin's first year to participate in the Science Fair. She did her experiment on how a plant's leaves would react with the various hues of sunlight (black, clear, green, yellow, red, etc.). She took 1st place for 3rd grade! She is pictured here with her 3rd grade teacher! Miss Sneed has been a great teacher for Mary Erin. I am still in denial, as a former 3rd grade teacher, that my little girl could be in 3rd grade.
This year Oasis did the play Annie, Jr. Though it was mostly for the Secondary students, some elementary students were chosen for roles, as well. In addition to those speaking parts, anyone in grades 3-6 was allowed to participate in the Orphan Chorus. Mary Erin readily signed up. This photo is Mary Erin, all smudged up as an orphan, after her evening performance. Though it was a small part, I couldn't help but reflect on the little girl who was too afraid to go up to the front of our church with 30 other kids to be dismissed to Sunday School! She's come a long way.

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Tamara said...

Just found you through Kelly's Korner. From these pictures, I'm thinking you must know our friends Brian & Natalie. Anna Grace was in the same production of Annie, I think, and they just did a Science Fair, too.

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