Saturday, April 12, 2008

Too pretty?

Q:Is it possible for cat litter to be too pretty?
A: Yes.

We were given a bag of the 'good stuff' cat litter from a neighbor who was moving away. Ross changed the litter today and we all stood back and admired the beautiful crystals with blue beads. Yes, I thought, I am going to pay the extra for the good stuff from now on. It is pretty and it doesn't stink so soon.

Fast forward 2 hours: Ross is on the phone with a long distance recruiting call. I am driving Mary Erin to Girl Scouts (and letting the "middlers" tag along). Eva is ALL alone up on the terrace with that pretty litter. She must have imagined it was an enchanted crystal land, made especially for her... for when I found her, both hands were straight down in it, fluffing, throwing, letting it run through her fingers. What joy.

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