Thursday, January 10, 2008

Antalya and finishing off 2007

We enjoyed a wonder-ful holiday from school. Eating big breakfasts, enjoying fellowship with others, remembering the true reason for Christmas, and taking a short trip to Antalya were some of the highlights. On Christmas Eve we celebrated with 30 guests in our home. One photo I have included is a favorite because it shows (mostly!) our staff kids. It has been a real joy to add so many more teacher's kids to our list! Tradition for us, since we are away from family, is to take a trip between Christmas and New Year's. This year we went to Antalya. Though the high is only in the 60's F, it is a nice break from the snow and ice. We also visited some ruins surrounding the area. Olympos is an area with methane gas leaking from a rocky mountainside. When it hits the oxygen in the air, it burns. It is called the "Eternal Flame." Seafarers from years ago used these little fires on the mountain as a landmark.

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